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Str8 Japanese Boy Fucked By Two

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In this Japanese gay sex threesome, two two gay Japanese boys see this as an opportunity to have gay sex with a str8 Japanese boy. We have Yura, Khan and Abe, who head back to a their apartment. The Japanese boys talk about their masculinity and preferences when it comes to gay sex. Abe is the odd man out as he is the straight Japanese boy who will get fucked.

Looks like Abe will be the str8 Japanese boy getting fucked today. You can say, Both Yura and Khan work on Abe’s nipples to limber him up. Yura’s the next to get some gay oral sex. Khan sucks his uncensored Japanese cock, while Abe takes care of the nipples. With Khan the last to get some oral sex before the gay guys get some, his cock is already hard and Yura has no problem swallowing it. Abe stays above the waist. With Abe back on the receiving end of both the gay Japanese boys, his ass hole is lubed up and prepped for a fucking. One, then two fingers go in to gauge Abe, his dick isn’t coming up. But at this point, the other two aren’t really interested in Abe’s boner. Yura’s the first to fuck the str8 Japanese boy. Yep, it’s tight, but that’s what a straight Japanese boy’s virgin ass has to offer. Khan keeps Yura’s mouth busy and then lubes up himself.