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Sometimes the chemistry of two gay Japanese boys just works. Haruto is the horny Asian gay bottom boy and Ichiro is on top. While the boys sensually touch, suck, and get to know each other, sexual excitement fills the room. As Ichiro removes Haruto’s jeans, his bulge more than fills those sexy briefs. Smelling his way in, the gay Japanese twink laps at his partner’s balls before pulling his underwear all the way off.

The two then kiss tenderly and with passion before Haruto reveals Ichiro’s huge Japanese cock. Pulling Ichiro out of his underwear, the bottom boy sucks deeply on that thick Asian cock; the pair then do some 69 oral gay sex. Sitting up, both grind and grab at each other, adding some sexual lube for the sensation during their horny gay boy sex play. The gay Japanese boy slides his finger into Haruto’s hole to prepare the gay Asian boy for his big cock. Up close, you can see just how tight the bottom is, but things will change as next time, it won’t be Ichiro’s finger going in that sweet hole.