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Gay Japanese Cum Facial

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Oh gay Japanese fuck, you never know how a gay Asian sex pairing is going to go, but notice the delicate way these two touch each other as they “help” undress the other. Keisuke and Shinji are here just to jerk off, or so we thought. These gay Japanese boys soon take over the scene in this very organic pairing. As they head to the shower and “wet” one another, they can’t stop staring and their Japanese cocks are getting hard. Adding soap only heightens their sexual arousal and from this point on, it’s all about them. Giggling and whispering to one another, they kiss and fondle each other’s uncensored Japanese cocks. Watch Shinji’s dick as it “bounces” every time Keisuke touches or kisses him. Returning the pleasure, it’s not long before Keisuke’s dick is glistening with pre-cum.

The boys fall naturally into various positions as they enjoy fully. The pair move into a hot 69, embracing tightly. Lapping at their partner’s dick, Keisuke then embraces Shinji as he tugs at the twink’s dick. Adding his own spit, Keisuke has the boy close; some very intimate kissing leads Keisuke to pull Shinji’s hand away from his dick. Wanting the boy’s jizz on his face first, Keisuke has the twink stroke and release, a huge load, all over his face. Bouncing off of Shinji’s face, Keisuke face-fucks the twink and cums, very easily and abundantly, on his cheek. We have got to get these two together again; I’m sure with all the “practice” they’ve been doing off camera, the next time, will be “fucking” awesome.