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Shosei and Makoto get a room and prepare for some horny gay Japanese sex play. These sexy gay Japanese twinks want to do it all to each other, and we are ready to capture that gay sex on video. With Makoto’s large nipples, Shosei arouses the gay boy from Japan before they shower. We give Shosei a vibrator to make the gay Asian sex video a bit more exciting. And by the time he’s finished, Makoto is ready for some playtime.

Once the two cute Japanese boys get naked, Makoto’s mouth gets wrapped around Shosei’s uncensored Japanese cock. Now it’s time for some 69 oral gay sex, so that both may have a taste. Shosei has Makoto on his back and slips in a finger as he blows the horny gay Asian twink. Notice Makoto never lets go of Shosei’s cock. It’s difficult to tell who’s the top and who’s the bottom. I’d say they both cum out a-head. As they kiss, grope, and fuck, they are getting closer to blowing their cum shots. Makoto pulls Shosei’s hand away from his cock so that they may prolong the fun. Pulling out, Shosei then strokes both boys, with Makoto blowing a pool onto his stomach. Next cums Shosei, who unloads stream after stream at Makoto. Up for the firing squad, Makoto’s face is covered in ammunition, but he’s not ready to surrender yet.