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Cute Japanese Gay Boy Shosei Barebacked

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The way these two horny gay Japanese twinks are going at it, I don’t think there’s room to get in between them. Caressing and exploring each other, the Japanese gay boys are up fast and already panting. Sesuke strips off Shosei’s briefs and sucks his big cock before swallowing. Lying Sesuke back, Shosei also takes a taste of his partner’s uncensored Japanese cock.

Using his feet, Sesuke strokes the bottom boy’s cock before they dock. Grinding and kissing, they are very sensual with one another. Rolling him up, Sesuke licks the boy’s hole enthusiastically. Shosei fills his mouth with Sesuke, who will be topping. Priming his partner’s ass with spit, the top slides his fingers in first. For a better feel, Shosei works his way down onto his partner’s cock; this is Shosei’s first time bottoming on film. Switching into various positions, they fuck with intensity, always watching one another. Pulling out, these hotties jerk themselves, each other, and dock. Concentrating on his partner, Shosei strokes Sesuke until he is ready to blow. Cumming, Sesuke streams all over Shosei’s face, glistening his lips and pooling around his nose. Standing, Shosei aims and adds to Sesuke’s smile.